"The trainer is very good at what she does.  She did a very good job presenting the topic and I am very happy about it.  I have learned a lot during the session and it would help me a lot on the day to day running of the Authority".

Yankuba Darboe
Gambia Revenue Authority

“Prior to attending the Risk Management course, I did not know what risk management entailed.  The training has given me insight has introduced me to the different types of risks professionals are exposed to. Now, I am equipped to adapt and implement the concept as well as deliver beyond expectation”.

A. Mendy
FIG Bureau De Change

"The presentation was practical, real life experiences were also shared to make the training real.

Regina Obeng-Agyekum
HODIDI Microfinance

"I learned that the ongoing changes in an organization can affect the employees positively or negatively which so it is important to have guidelines in place to help guide change process.

I learned that there is hope in any situation and building self-esteem helps with analyze change and manage it well".

Maxwell Boakye Fokuoh
HODIDI Microfinance

"The presentation style of the presenter was easy to follow, interesting and very engaging.  The training was an eye opener for me.  I learned how to communicate and relate with different personalities and get the best out of them.  It also made me identify my personality type and realize how my style can affect relationships".

Fatima Sonko
Eco Bank

"My testimonial about this event is that I have learned a lot from the presentation.  The presenter has given me all knowledge needed to be a professional banker and ways to prevent losing customers and business. So job well done Classik Consulting, I promise to share my experience with others.  Good luck"!

Bintou Ceesay
Access Bank

"The presenter has a grasp of the topics covered and understands the setting in which the topics were delivered in context.  The training was definitely important to my day to day work.  The information provided will go a long way in enhancing and building on my existing potentials to help me do my job well.  The presenter is indeed a very good presenter/trainer/mentor/leader and a wonderful counselor".

Mohammed Jallow
Key Stone Bank

"The presentation was very interactive, educational, direct and very relevant to activities of the world today.  This presentation has henceforth changed my perception in viewing change in any form.  This has also given me the knowledge to execute any form of change either in my workplace or in my life in general".

Talibo Ceesay

"The presenter was able to handle the questions well and manage the class in an excellent manner.

I learned from the presenter that in order to deliver information in a manner that others can understand, you have to be at the level of the people. I liked her sense of humor".

Michael Study Sowah
HODIDI Microfinance

"The presenter provided very practical examples which made understanding and identify with.

I have learned that mindsets are important in everything I do and that I need to be ready all the time – anticipate and prepare for change because change is inevitable".

Gladys Ofori
Uni-Employ International

"The presentation highlighted the relevance of change and the opportunities change provides if it is well embraced.

The training was expedient to all, easy to understand, easy to follow and make contributions to. The presenter was very lovely, kept it simple and made the learning experience fun".

David Gameli Kudzodzi
HODIDI Microfinance

"The presentation was very interactive and practical.  I feel like part of my brain is being opened after all this meeting session".

Mass Cham

"The presentation was on point and dealt directly with relevant issues affecting the institution as a whole. Also, the scenarios given very real and we were able to relate to them directly.

The seminar opened my eyes to the positive and negative effects of change. Also, it has taught me how to relate to co-workers and communicate information effectively during change process".

Flora Frimpong-Boateng
HODIDI Microfinance

"The strengths of the presentation included the presenter’s ability to engage all participants during the session with practical and relevant examples.

The course was mind changing. It helped me to accept that change is inevitable therefore; the best way to handle change would be manage myself and by staying positive and being part of the process".

Patricia Adjei
SOJ-TSTL Ministries

"The strength of the training was the knowledge and skills demonstrated by the trainer.  I am very impressed about the training and have learned a lot that will help me to improve on my job.  To be honest, I feel I have been transformed positively toward my job".

Dr. Seedy Drammeh
Gambia Revenue Authority

"The presentation challenged me as an individual to psych my mind towards change and not only see change the negative way but positive as well.

Benedita Nyamekye
SOJ-TSTL Ministries

"The presenter was very knowledgeable on the subject matter.  The class exercises and discussions were relevant and helped us a lot in understanding the things presented.  The materials presented were excellent and easy to understand.  All the topics presented were good, relevant and timely.  The one I liked the most was “Effective Communication”.  This will help me communicate effectively with my boss and subordinates".

Gladys S. Bojang
Guaranty Trust Bank

"The strength of the training was the presentation skills of the presenter and her expertise in the subject matter.  On the overall, this presentation is a very good one and very educational.  It has given me management tools to do my work better.  I wish the event would have been prolonged".

George .W. Thomas
Gambia Revenue Authority

"I feel more equipped to deal with change in my organization in a more professional manner".

Edward Gomez

"The presenter is very knowledgeable about the industry and used personal experience in her presentation.  This training has empowered me to be a better communicator in my job.  It has widened my scope on how to communicate with different people in different situations and it will add value to the task assigned to me at work".

Seedy K. Jobe
Access bank

"The presentation was very accurate, detailed and explanation to various questions asked was very clear and brief.

I have learned when one embraces change, then one can attain greater things in life. Thus, in order for me to manage change well, I must first accept that I have to manage myself (my feelings, behavior) well.  I am very happy to be in the class and have learned a lot".

Asamani Beatrice
HODIDI Microfinance

“Attending the Managing Conflict course has made me to reassess my professional and personal relationships.  This course has taught me that clear communication is very vital in all relationships.  Going forward, I will discuss and address issues and conflicts immediately to prevent future incidents and misunderstanding”.

M. Njie

"The strength of the course lies on the interactive way it was conducted.  The presenter simply brought out the best in us that we never thought we had or knew.  She bonds with the trainees and makes everyone involved and makes people to feel their opinion matters.  “Classik Consulting just makes things easy"".

Fatou Ndow

"The presentation was very factual with practical experiences of how to effectively manage and undergo a change process.  It also dilates management style, best and standard practices that can move the organization forward".

David Caradoman Gomez

“The presenter had great knowledge and expanded beyond the topic by offering in-depth discussion and materials related to Project Management and Ethics.  The training was professionally delivered with relevant topics and subject matter.  I feel confident that I can implement what I have learned in my place of employment and recommend others to attend future trainings”.

P. Young-Taylor
Irving Independent School District

"The delivery was smooth. It was easy to understand and the presenter made the session very lively.

I felt I have started a new beginning in my career. I learned totaling new information. The title of the course aligns with the content that was delivered. I learned that change is good and constant and in order to manage change well, I first need to learn to manage myself (feelings, behavior, actions)".

Mawuse Ellen Ameglah
HODIDI Microfinance

"The strengths of the presentation are that it is very educational, very succinct and very interactive.  I felt very excited and feel that we should have these types of educational sessions more often".

Tumani Badjie

"The course was very information and practical. The presenter’s ability to relate the presentation to practical life situations – marriage, relationships with others etc. that we can identify with and relate to made it easy to understand.

I feel much better about embracing some of the changes I am faced with. I learned that It is okay and normal to have fear about change however; I don’t have to always feel that way. I can choose to embrace change just like Dolphins do. I loved the case study session and the presenter’s ability to capture our attention".

Ella Mills Lamptey
SOJ-TSTL Ministries

"The strength of the workshop was its clarity and the presenter’s knowledge of the topic and her effective presentation skills.  The training will help me recognize, respect and appreciate the diversity of my team which will help build teamwork and enhance success".

Alieu Bittaye

"The training was very interactive and practical.

I learned that the only thing that is constant in life is change. It happens everywhere so in order to be successful in life, I need to learn to embrace it".

Joe Patterson
SOJ-TSTL Ministries

"The training was clear, easy to understand, interesting, captivating and interactive.

The set-up was great and helpful in learning the information. I feel very much encouraged and educated in every aspect of life with regards to change. I loved how the presentation was delivered because the presenter was just on point. I feel that because of this training, I am well prepared to deal with any form of change".

Francisca Baafi
Uni-Employ International

"The presenter allowed participants to contribute which helped in achieving the program objectives, hence the name ‘facilitation’.  This course has been both theoretical and practical.  It depicts scenarios that are relevant to our jobs.  However, one thing that remains outstanding was the emphasis on communication and how it affects performance.  Culture is one major issue that keeps popping-up and the need to address it is fundamental.  If I must say this, the course was awesome"!

Abdou Kader Touray
Zenith Bank

"The training was very detailed the discussions around change were very effective.


The discussion was excellent. My goal at the beginning was to learn something new and it was achieved. My best learning moment was learning that the best way to manage change is managing myself (emotions, actions, reactions)".

Fred K Sam
HODIDI Microfinance

"The strength of the course is that it is effective, efficient and clear transfer of information from one person/media to another. My biggest learning during the event is always to be professional despite my personal conflict or problems that I may be experiencing.  What I liked best is the presentation and delivery of communication styles".

Solomon Baben
Access bank

"The presenter is skill rich, a good communicator, knowledgeable and a good presenter overall.  I felt encouraged, bold and self-confident the more".

Paul L. K. Correa

"The presentation changed me psychologically as soon as I left the conference room.  It was well presented in a very simple language and most impressing in the modest way which makes it interactive".

Mr. John Zack Gomez

"The overhead projector, the handouts and the way the information was communicated was very clear and well understood.  The event was so great and I learned a lot about the way I should communicate with my customers and colleagues.  This training has taught me to know my customers, treat them well and not have any preconceive perceptions about them".

Edrisa Faye
Access bank

"The presentation was precise and practical.

I was enlightened by the session on organizational change. I learned that change is constant so it is important for me to challenge myself to embrace it in the best way possible".

Benjamin Boateng Adutwum
HODIDI Microfinance

"The language and communication skills used were precise.  The presenter has command of the English language and above all demonstrated her expertise.  I found the training very useful and it is definitely has met the rank of international standard".

Ebrima Mballow
Arab Gambia Islamic Bank

"The training was relevant and factual.

By the end of the training, I was able to learn how to embrace change. The way the course was delivered has allowed me to overcome my fear of change and my perception that it is very difficult".

Lomas Gloria
Uni-Employ International

“The presentation was well structured and focused on the needs of the participants.  The training was worth attending and exposed me to different forms of risk and how to mitigate them.  This course is a good foundation for someone who wants to venture into risk management/controls”.

J. Mendy
Bank of America

"The presentation was clear and concise.  This session has given me an insight into the working environment at SSHFC as it has brought different managers from the whole of the corporation, highlighting the changes that will move this corporation more forward".

Modou Badjie

"The strength of the course was the presenter’s exclusive knowledge of the subject matter and her delivery method.  This is by far the most effective training I have ever attended.  The relevance of the subject matter adds significant value to my effectiveness and efficiency.  I must say, I have been empowered".

Omar B. Sanneh
Guaranty Trust Bank

"The presentation was educational, interactive and lively.  The information covered was very essential in my career.  The timing was right in relation to my current daily task at work.  The training will bridge a big gap that I have always felt in my professional growth".

Mustapha Jasseh
Access Bank

"The subject matter was well researched, relevant and the right people critical to the operations of the Authority attended".

Tida J. Ndow
Gambia Revenue Authority

"The strength of this course was the emphasis that relationships are healthy if one agrees to disagree thereby reaching a common ground at all times.   This course has taught me that individuals have different personalities, therefore, we must tolerate and accommodate each other if revealing and developing each other’s potential is the desired goal".

Doris Roy-Macauley
Zenith Bank

"The presenter was very lovely and knows the content well. She was able to help us understand everything.

I learned how to manage change and feel very enlightened by the end of the session".

Simon Sarto Adjei

"The strength of the course was the emphasis on culture, leadership and communication.  The biggest learning opportunity from this training was identifying my personality type.  It truly depicts who I am, especially at work and the tips shared during the session will help me to cope with my team members effectively".

Mariama Darboe- Conarteh
Guaranty Trust Bank

"The presentation makes me feel like a manager.  I would like for this lecture to be presented to many relevant institutions because it is very educational and interactive".

Lamin Kura Darboe

"The presenter has great personality with excellent knowledge of the subject matter.  The session was motivational.  I have learned new skills which will make me be a good manager".

Essa Jallow
Gambia Revenue Authority

“The presentation outlined the importance of risk management and how it is applied by institutions and organizations on a daily basis to achieve organization objectives.  I am now able to define risk and belief that the knowledge I acquired will benefit me in my career”. 


"The presenter was very knowledgeable in the topic discussed during the training and for the fact that she was able to draw some personal experience made it easier to understand.  The training was very educational and interesting.  The knowledge gained has given me a better understanding of why people act and behave differently and lot more about how to effectively communicate to people differently".

Abubacarr Jatta
Access bank

"The presentation was detailed and well understood.

I have learned that change is something we cannot do away with so I have to prepare myself mentally when change is taking place".

Francis Okanta
Uni-Employ International

"The presenter was perfect and taught me many things about communication with both internal and external customers.  With the amount of time I spent with the presenter, and the powerful tools she provided to me, I was able to instantly begin applying the skills.  I’m really impressed and wish that the training could be extended one day longer".

Hamadi Jallow
Access bank

"The presentation was very clear, precise and relevant.  My biggest learning opportunity was the dynamics of the diverse workplace, the positives and negatives and how important it is to an organization".

E.A. Mendy
Gambia Revenue Authority

"The strength of the training was that the presenter actually knowing and understanding what we go through on a day-to-day bases so she just helped us to be able to address issues we face in a positive and professional manner.  As I stated already, she really understands our business and challenges which makes the training very worthy.  She is great"!

Baboucarr Samba
Access Bank

"The strength of the course was the coaching session and effective communication of the presenter.  The best thing I learned in this program is the fact that we are all leaders and it only takes a single step to make a big difference in the world".

Fatoumata Baldeh
Guaranty Trust bank

"The presentation skills of the presenter and material used were relevant and skillfully applied.  I feel exceptionally fulfilled and have gained lot of insight about creating a dynamic work environment and teamwork".

Gibril Jallow
Gambia Revenue Authority

"The course presentation was very clear and the presenter has a sound understanding of the presented topic.  A very powerful lecture that brought out the power and talent in me as a person (personality types) and how I can learn from different personalities.  The presenter nailed it right in the hole.  Congrats and thumbs-up"!

Inna Pure
Skye Bank

"The presenter offered practical examples and she was down to earth which makes it easy to listen and learn from her.

I feel more enlightened about managing change in a working environment".

Emmanuel August
Uni-Employ International

"The trainer got everyone to relax and open up to contribute to the subject being discussed.

I learned that change is the only constant thing in a dynamic world and it is always better to embrace it with a positive mindset".

Mensah-Kwateng Maame Adanse
HODIDI Microfinance

“The presenter knows her subject matter to give life changing recommendations worth giving a chance.  This training made me understand who I am as an individual and positions me uniquely to understand the various possible conflicts that can hinder both my professional and personal growth! Great Job”! 

B. Jobe

"The idea that change is inevitable and no matter where you find yourself, someway, somehow you will be faced with change therefore, one must be prepared for the situation – “change”.

I learned that change can be risky but also, there could be opportunities in it for me. I like the fact that I have acquired some knowledge on how change can be communicated and managed".

Joyce Nana Ama Boataye
Uni-Employ International

"The presenter was very good and has powerful presentation skills.

I feel very good and have acquired a lot of knowledge about change management. Being self-employed in the past and now working in a company with others, what I have learned in this training will help me work well with them".

Mr. Gameli Amewonor
SOJ-TSTL Ministries

"The workshop was relevant and captured some very important issues on leadership qualities.  Bringing top management together was also an opportunity to share ideas and concerns which I hope will henceforth impact on one unity relationship".

Alieu Ceesay
Gambia Revenue Authority

"The strength of the training for me was learning about what leaders can do to successfully manage change and manage non-stop change.

I strongly feel much knowledgeable, inspired and motivated to constantly communicate to help my team members and subordinates embrace change. I learned that change is inevitable and the earlier I train myself to accept it, the better person I will become".

Kingsley Lorlornyo Avevor
SOJ-TSTL Ministries

"The training event was worth my time and I am glad to have been invited to attend.  There were many good points throughout the session but the most touching for me were the scenarios that were shared because these are situations that happen in our day-to-day banking industry.  The message was conveyed in a very effective way and I am well trained to make a change in my organization".

Marcel Badjan

"The presentation is very valuable and interactive.  I am able to identify the basic characteristics of people and learn how to handle them in my organization with regards to change and transition.  I am better able to handle them with the relevant skills and approach for positive development.  By the end of the day I feel fulfilled with the necessary skills and techniques for managing change".

Ebrima K. S. Dampha

"The course was perfect because the presenter did not base her examples on what she thinks is happening in the different organizations but what she has experienced which makes it very credible.  In my own point of view, the course was just perfect with the trainer because I have learned how effective communication can help a company to achieve its goals and objectives especially when communicating with customers".

Naffie Secka
Access Bank

"The presentation was very educational and applicable to my job.  The knowledge of the presenter made the training very easy to understand and apply".

Ansah Kwadwo
HODIDI Microfinance

"The training was relevant to the participants and the Authority.  The training was inspirational and motivating".

Sang Gomez
Gambia Revenue Authority

"The presenter has good communication and great motivational skills.  It is a timely training because I am a new manager.  The knowledge gained will help prepare me better for my new responsibilities as a manager".

Maari Sarr
Gambia Revenue Authority

"The training has taught me ways to interact with different types of people in my environment and organization.  I have learned that effective communication is the biggest key in achieving an organization’s goals and objectives.  Knowing the different personalities one is dealing with fosters effective communication".

Lolley Njie
Access Bank

"The strengths of the presentation were its clarity and elegance, aided with a range of relevant and life testimonies.  I learned some new skills and have acquired knowledge which will enhance my performance".

Ousman Bah
Gambia Revenue Authority

"The presentation was powerful and life changing.  I am very much motivated and enlightened to accept change".

Wisdom Selam Aghezudor
SOJ-TSTL Ministries

"The medium of presentation was highly interactive with constant reinforcement of knowledge by the presenter.  The scenarios given were very effective.  With this intensive training, I feel it’s going to make me a better person, and a good communicator coupled with managing better relationships and fostering it".

Isidore Edward Jatta
Gambia Technical Training Institute

"“The Managing Conflict course has equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to identify the root cause of conflict and tools to addressing conflict.  I will utilize these skills and knowledge to increase productivity within my organization”. 

A. Ellis
E-Z Mart

"This is one of the best or I can say “the best” training session I have ever attended so far.   Our presenter is very interesting, entertaining and everything she shared with us in that training will always linger on our minds and reflects in our actions in the future".

Jay Matty Njie
Access Bank

"The training addressed change in our everyday life which is very vital to us as individuals.

I learned about change which is something usual to me. I liked the fact that the presenter spoke about change and its positive impacts. I have learned that I need to accept and embrace change in order to be successful. I feel very relieved and ready to take up any change process in my life".

Patricia Maykene
Uni-Employ International

"The strength of the course was the personal interaction skills and the presentation format.  The presenter was very detailed and tactful on all topics delivered.  Her personal interaction and knowledge on current events in the corporate world is excellent.  The classes/sessions were very engaging".

Ebrima Sagnia
Access Bank

"The presentation was very educational, interactive and subjective to the core.  The course has widened my horizon as per my managerial skills and knowledge.  I would not hesitate to recommend the opportunity to be extended to the rest of my colleagues who are not around this time".

Mr. Alhagie Fatty

"The presentation was brief but very educational.  This is a presentation that would have cost a lot of money.  Having it locally and for such members and participants is highly commendable.  Knowledge gained today would be useful for the corporation without doubt".

Lamin S. Sima

“The strengths of the course were the real life examples, content details, attendee involvement and how the message was layered out and delivered.  The class is very specific in laying out the process to good project management skills.  It also drives home the importance of organizing, collaborating and thoroughly outlining the scope of work to ensure a successful project”.

C. Gibune
PWR Solutions – A GL Company

"It training was very practical, engaging and easy to assimilate.

I must say that as a manager, I have learned of the negative effects of reprimanding people publicly rather, I should praise in public and reprimand in private. I have also learned that people display different character traits and personalities when faced with change which means that they accept change in different ways and at a different pace".

Michael Kwesi Ofori
SOJ-TSTL Ministries

"The trainer is a breath of fresh air and her passion shinned through.  This course is relevant in so many ways, light yet informative and refreshing.  I have gained insight into relationship management.  The course explored the subject in a way I would have never related".

Haddijatou Jagne
Guaranty Trust Bank