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A Divine Dream come True


When I was growing up as a child, I was always inspired by people who teach, speak or who seemed to have the guts to stand on a platform with several eyes watching them.  I cannot explain how being inspired by their bravery led me to my own path of dreaming to become like them some day.  My dream was ignited when I heard the opening address from my high school principal – Mrs. Ann Therese Ndong-Jatta.  She sounded eloquent, intelligent, poise and such a graceful ambassador of her country.  This lady was distinctive, dignified and appeared to be lifted from the “bogs” and “stereotypes” of women in our society at the time.  I listened to her with every fiber of my being and deep inside of me, I murmured: “one day, one day, I will be like you”.

My journey of becoming a teacher, speaker and now a coach started in primary school and maybe it is worth mentioning that following my graduation from high school, the same principal who motivated me also mentored me into becoming a teacher in the same school.  Even though the career was short lived, it was the most rewarding first job I could have ever had.

After only one year of University education in The Gambia, I immigrated to the United States in search of higher education and greener pastures.  Even with my accent and being in a foreign land, I received several compliments and positive feedback from my English/speech professors during my years college/University.  Little did I know that such positive reinforcement was all I needed at the time to remind me of my childhood dream. 

Life happened and so did my career choices.  I started in retail and later transitioned into banking where I met my all-time mentor – Anita Kelley who presented me with the opportunity to polish my teaching and speaking skills.  She believed that I had the calling for teaching and positioned me to improve my platform skills.  Then I was introduced to the Mortgage servicing industry where I landed a job which changed the course of my journey.  Even though I was thriving as a leader in my organization, I was miserable inside of me.  The discomfort and dynamics of the work environment pushed me in search of a new job. 

By divine orchestration, I met another ‘purpose-driven’ woman – Myekye Hamilton who coached me into applying for my first training job.  What I thought was a job in the beginning turned into a career and now a lifestyle.  It has been a long journey to get to this point but it is worth the wait.  Now what appeared to be a long shot when I started pursuing my dream of becoming a branded speaker, teacher and coach has been fulfilled.  Today, I celebrate the accomplishment of becoming a John Maxwell Team member – an independent Certified Teacher, Speaker and Coach. 

Above all, I celebrate the joy of being a chosen vessel for God to use to touch the lives of his people.  When I view my life through the lenses of the past, I see a God who cannot be limited; who cannot be fathomed, and cannot definitely be predicted.  A God who is able to turn a child with dreams into a woman of purpose; a God whose grace is more than sufficient for those who believe.

Driven to Action

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