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An Encounter with ‘Purpose’

An Encounter with ‘Purpose’

During a coaching session with a client recently, she looked around in my office and asked; “what all are you involved in? In other words, what is everything you do for a living”.  My natural tendency whenever this question is asked leans towards listing everything I do and because the list is long, she said; “you do a lot”.   She took it a step further by asking a follow up question; “how in the world do you find time to do all of that”?. 

Even though “doing a lot” could be a measuring gauge for success in our society, I was challenged to re-think and re-consider how I brand myself.  I recognized quickly that branding is all about ‘packaging’ which also requires wisdom.  I was reminded of a statement I once heard which basically said “If you lack knowledge, go to school but if you lack wisdom, go on your knees”.  Needless to say, I went on my knees to pray for understanding and wisdom on how to articulate what I do without sounding overwhelming in the future.   “Sure enough, help came from above.  After persistent prayers, actively listening and patiently waiting, the revelation came.  I was finally able to sum up what I do in a meaningful way. 

Yesterday, I was meeting with the same client and after the session, she said; “Even though I know I need to do something with my life, there’s no way I can even dare to go your path.  I don’t even have the capacity to do everything you do; you are such a lady”.  This was my moment to define my ‘purpose’ and awaken her soul so I seized the opportunity.   “I do only one thing”, I stated.  With a bizarre look on her face she said, “you are kidding, right”?.   I leaned in gently and with a smile on my face I said; “This is the one thing I do.  ‘I am a servant leader who influences people to identify/nurture their strengths and overcome their fears and in doing so, they come to their own truth and are empowered to live a life of purpose and impact”. 

Her reaction was a real “Kodak” moment.  Oh, how I wished I could capture it on camera!  She gave me the most confident look she has ever worn since I met her and with a sigh of relief she said; “how do you do what you just profoundly stated”?“This goal is accomplished through coaching, speaking, teaching, leadership training, consulting, mentoring, writing and ‘walking the talk’”, I replied.  What came next was totally unexpected for me.  With tears rolling down her cheeks she said; “I completely agree with you.  Now I understand why I was so drawn to you and why every time I leave our session, I tell myself I have to return for more”.  I knew that one day, I will come to ‘my own truth’ and find my way out of my dark world”.    

My personal ‘take-aways’ from this experience cannot be numbered however; I would rather give you the opportunity to find the morale for you.  I was deeply touched and reminded of an insightful statement I once heard; “The return on your investment should not only be measured by the wealth you build but by the lives you change in your journey”.

The Pursuit of ‘PURPOSE’
Becoming A Person of Influence!

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